One of my cats just stared me down deeply eye-to-eye and telepathically asked that I hurry up and be on my way. I can’t say that I blame her. It’s fair to sum up the last couple of weeks of preparing for three months in Cambodia as manic, disjointed, and exhausting (i.e., I’ve been bat shit crazy.) But I’ve reached the homestretch and now it’s time to sit back, relax, and prepare myself mentally for Monday’s 23 hours of travel from Chicago to Phnom Penh. The bulk of the main flight will hopefully include a pinot grigio soaked nap.

I’ve been told that Cambodia is the Wild West of Southeast Asia, but with just enough wireless signal and other staples to keep me sane. So, I’ve collected the requisite technology (more than I’ve ever owned at one time) for my journey:

  •  a functioning laptop donated by my Dad (control key included and no crack in the screen);
  • an iPod touch (with a face chat option or something… no idea; it’s got my new collection of 60s era Cambodian garage rock and that’s all that matters);
  •  a Kindle (to get me back on the reading train and hopefully repair some brain cells melted by copious amounts of reality television shows); and
  • a janky digital camera that I got with rewards points from the evil Chase bank.

I’ve made the small promise to myself that all of these devices will return stateside. Under no circumstances will I leave my Kindle poking out of my bag to tempt even the most inept pickpocket. Nor will I lose my apartment key and decide to break open my window by hurling my iPod through it (for the record that only happened once, it was my Blackberry, and it didn’t work.) I’ve turned over a new, responsible leaf — the leaf of an unemployed, ex-litigator going through an early mid-life crisis who cannot replace any of these things once they are destroyed, lost, or stolen.

Finally, my Mother has set me up with enough supplies to cleanse, moisturize, and medicate a small Cambodian village for a year. The plan is to store these items at a guesthouse in Phnom Penh for a few weeks during my initial travels. That being the case, there is a strong possibility that these toiletries will find their way into the hands of some crafty Cambodians while I am left with split ends, break outs, and massive hangovers. Fingers crossed….

Chum riep leah (that’s goodbye in Khmer), Chicago. Thanks for the fantastic send offs. Here is hoping that I don’t have any run-ins with my arch nemesis, Angelina Jolie, on my travels, and that I make it back in one piece. xo, C

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  1. Keep writing – you very witty child. I’m printing everything and compiling a notebook of this journey – along with all of your other achievements. I can send you more toiletries should those crafty Cambodians find your stash – via Anthony Bourdain – hoping he revisits Phnom Penh within the next three months. xo mamacita

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